Best Chinese Food for Delivery in St. Petersburg

All your favorite Chinese dishes, delivered!

Chinese delivery and a night-in go together like beef and broccoli, like sweet and sour, like egg rolls and fried rice. Lucky for you, you can choose from the best Asian restaurant delivery picks in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Bite Squad will bring it right to your door.

From appetizers like crab rangoon and wonton soup to those classic favorites, we’ve rounded up St. Pete’s top Chinese food for delivery. 

Crab Rangoon

Crab rangoon with your Chinese delivery

Kick off your Chinese delivery dinner the right way with an appetizer of crab rangoon from PIN Wok & Bowl. A creamy mixture of crab meat and imported cheese is wrapped in a wonton wrapper then deep fried. Each order has five wontons, but they’re so good you may need two! Order Chinese delivery in St. Pete now.

Crispy Spring Rolls

Fried Spring Rolls for delivery from Bite Squad

Asian Pearl Chinese restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers egg rolls and crispy spring rolls on their appetizer menu to get your Chinese meal started off right. Traditional egg rolls are always a hit, and fried spring rolls offer a fresh twist. Just be sure to ask for their sweet and spicy dipping sauce no matter which one you try. Add egg rolls to your Chinese delivery order now.  

Fried Rice

Order fried rice from Bite Squad

As traditional as Chinese delivery comes, fried rice from Hao Wah Chinese is always a hit. Beef, chicken, roasted pork or shrimp is mixed with rice, vegetables and egg and wok-seared. It’s a family friendly meal that can easily stretch into next-day leftovers. Order it as a side or your main dish. Order fried rice now.

Wonton Soup

Wonton soup with your Chinese delivery

Wontons are steamed Asian dumplings, typically filled with a ground pork and spice mixture. China Gate’s wonton soup adds these  tasty wontons to a simple but flavorful broth, topped with sliced green onions. If you like wontons, you’ll love wonton soup. It’s the perfect cool weather appetizer, sure to warm you up. Order wonton soup now.  


Potstickers for Chinese delivery from Bite Squad

What are potstickers? They consist of ground chicken and vegetables folded up in a wonton wrapper and steamed or fried. La V Vietnamese Fusion serves these little flavor bundles alongside their special sesame soy sauce blend. Find Asian fusion for delivery in St. Pete.

Now that you know what St. Petersburg orders the most for Asian food delivery, be inspired to add one of these tasty Chinese dishes to your next delivery order.

*Images shown may not be from restaurant mentioned.

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