Best Greasy Foods to Eat When Vegging Out

Wok this way!

Maybe you had a little bit too much fun last night and are recovering at home. If so, greasy food probably sounds pretty good to you right now. And guess what? You can order your favorite fried foods for delivery, so you don’t even have to leave the house.

No matter the reason you have a craving for some greasy goodness, Bite Squad can deliver your favorite buttery, ooey-gooey, juicy cuisine in a matter of minutes. So hang in there—we’re on our way.

Eggs, bacon and hash browns

Bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast

There’s nothing like waking up to hot and hearty sizzling bacon, golden hash browns, buttery toast and perfect over-easy eggs. Especially when it takes zero effort—well, no effort other than opening the Bite Squad app, choosing a restaurant and picking out delicious food. A warm breakfast really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Donut burger and fries

Hangover burger with bacon, fried egg and donut

We can’t promise that you’ll be able to find a burger with a donut bun available for delivery near you, but you can probably find a bacon cheeseburger wherever you are. Paired with sweet potato fries, the sweet and savory combination will cure all those greasy food and sweet tooth cravings in one fell swoop.

Egg rolls

Chicken egg rolls for delivery

You know when you bite into a freshly deep-fried egg roll and a tiny bit of grease bubbles out? Even though it’s a little sinful, you can’t help but secretly think it’s delicious. Enjoyed with fried rice, it’s one meal you may have to go for a long walk after.

Fried chicken

Fried chicken for delivery from Bite Squad

Crispy, well-seasoned skin is what makes finger-licking good fried chicken. In the South, fried chicken is practically a religion, and people swear by their own family recipes. Save yourself the trouble, and order in some classic comfort food of your own…  just don’t forget the biscuits and greens.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese and tomato soup for delivery

Adults and children alike can agree that you can’t go wrong with a buttery grilled cheese sandwich. Made simple with one cheese or gourmet with several, there’s a melty sandwich for every palate. Serve with tomato soup (that counts as a vegetable, right?) and you have a warming meal the entire family can enjoy.

Pepperoni pizza

pepperoni pizza for delivery

We couldn’t have a list of greasy foods and not include a pepperoni pizza. It’s not just the fatty (and we mean that in a good way) meat that makes it so delicious, but the melted mozzarella cheese on top of a buttery crust really takes it over the top. The combination is one you can’t deny.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips for delivery

Originating in England, fish and chips is a crispy, hot meal of battered and fried fish plus french fries. Found in many pubs and American-food restaurants around the U.S., enjoy with tartar sauce, lemon slices and a side of slaw.

Meatball sub

Meatball sub and chips for delivery

Whether your Italian sub is full of ham, capicola and salami or just giant meatballs smothered in marinara and mozzarella, one thing is for sure—stuffed between a hunk of Italian loaf and topped with an herbed vinaigrette, it’s a satisfying way to cure your greasy food craving.

Lo mein

Chicken Lo Mein for delivery

With sesame and vegetable oils, lo mein is a Chinese dish that’s known for being greasy—and that’s why we love it. Boasting flavors of soy sauce, garlic and ginger, lo mein noodles are a tasty, saucy lunch or dinner idea any day of the week.

Tater tots

tater tots for delivery

A childhood favorite, you’re never too old for a big plate of deep fried potato nuggets, also known as tater tots. Simply dip in ketchup, enjoy in a tater tot casserole with gravy and beef, or try “totchos” loaded with salsa and jalapeño peppers. Tots are much more versatile than you think!

Chocolate chip cookies

Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie

We had to include at least one dessert on this list. Crispy, buttery cookies are a yummy way to indulge, and you don’t even have to do the baking!

There you have it: 11 greasy foods to help cure your hangover, available for delivery.

Don’t get up. Get delivery.