Why You Should Always Save Room for Dessert – or Eat It First

Go ahead – order dessert!

Sweet treats are one of life’s greatest luxuries and come in many forms. We often hear about how sugar is bad for you, but in moderation it’s okay to indulge once in a while. Besides, what would life be without dessert? BORING.


Life is short – and part of living life to its fullest is savoring sweet and decadent sweets… Indulge! Splurge! Treat yo’self! Just be sure to enjoy in moderation and walk a few extra steps this week.

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Dessert can pass for breakfast

It wouldn’t be socially acceptable to eat doughnuts, cinnamon-sugar coated cereal or caramel rolls for lunch or dinner (although, I’m sure a few of us have done it). But, even though they say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” somehow it’s still acceptable to eat sugar for breakfast! We’re not complaining.

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Sweets make you happy

There’s a reason you reach for a pint of ice cream when you’re heartbroken or sad—desserts have the power to cheer people up. And if you’re already in a good mood, they just make each moment that much richer.

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Dessert can be good for you

It’s written that in moderation, chocolate can reduce your risk of stroke, dessert can help with weight loss and fruity desserts can help stave off sugar cravings. Sounds legit.

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It can help prevent binging

If you deprive yourself of daily desserts, you may end up over-indulging because you’ll feel like you’re “making up for lost time.” But if you eat small portions of sweets seven days a week, you’ll probably eat less calories than if you binge two days a week. We love Marygrace Taylor’s story in Prevention about what happened when she started eating dessert every day.

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Sugar is delicious

Some people claim to be salty snackers—but even those people like sugary snacks once in a while. Whether you prefer baked goods such as cookies and cupcakes, like to get fancy with crème brûlée and tiramisu, or candy just does it for you, reveling in the taste of confections is totally blissful.


Desserts bring people together

You never see a team of coworkers getting together over a plate of broccoli and carrots. Cake is a global unifier enjoyed at parties and celebrations. Candy brings neighbors together at Halloween. Families and friends dole out goodies at Easter and Christmas. You can’t deny the power of sweets.

Snickers Ice Cream Pie

Well, have we convinced you to cure your sweet tooth?

What dessert can you find near you?