5 Best Healthy Restaurant Delivery Picks in Minneapolis

Takeout without the guilt

It’s easy to stick to your healthy eating goals and get a fresh, flavorful takeout meal with Bite Squad. You don’t have to choose between healthy and delivery—you can have both!

Try one of these healthy restaurant delivery picks in Minneapolis, and you’ll be eating fresh in a flash. Because sometimes taking the time to plan, shop, prep and cook is more work than it’s worth. So if you’re looking to eat on the lighter side, look no further than a healthy Minneapolis restaurant that delivers!

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad for delivery

There’s something so satisfying about a classic chicken Caesar salad done just right. Grilled chicken packs this salad with protein to keep you full while the tangy Caesar dressing balances the salty shaved Parmesan cheese. Sprout Salad Company in Minneapolis ups the ante with handmade sourdough croutons—yes, please!—and the option to add extra veggies and toppings. Order it now.

Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad for delivery from Bite Squad

Legend has it the cobb salad was invented late at night in Los Angeles when a restaurant owner, Robert Howard Cobb, and his chef mixed together the leftovers in the kitchen, added fresh grilled bacon and tossed it with dressing. A cobb salad is a great way to eat your vegetables, but also feel full and satisfied with fresh deli meat and eggs.  Peoples Organic in Minneapolis has taken the classic mix of romaine, chicken, bacon and vegetables and tossed it with their creamy but tart house-made bleu cheese dressing. Order it now.

Zen Salad

Zen Salad for delivery

A balanced meal in every sense, the Zen Salad from French Meadow Bakery & Cafe in Minneapolis is a popular gluten-free pick that mixes grains, leafy greens, garden fresh vegetables and toasted sunflower seeds. Amp up the protein by adding wild-caught salmon, hormone-free chicken or the restaurant’s signature grilled organic rosewood tofu for a totally vegan dish. Order a fresh salad from French Meadow now.

Protein Bowls

Protein Bowls for delivery

Looking for a healthy takeout choice, but not in the mood for a salad? Try a hearty Agra Bowl from Agra Culture. Kale pesto, un-fried brown rice, roasted zucchini and squash, thyme asparagus and your choice of chicken or tofu are topped with lime creme fraiche for a farm-to-table one dish wonder. Order a protein bowl from Agra Culture for delivery now.

Fresh Wraps

Variety of wraps available from Good Earth for delivery from Bite Squad

Wraps are a perfect pick for the days when you need a quick, healthy meal with no fuss. The Autumn Turkey Wrap from Good Earth in Roseville delivers delicious seasonal ingredients—roasted, all-natural turkey breast, wild rice, mushrooms and gingered yams—wrapped in a honey wheat tortilla. It’s a little taste of Thanksgiving without all the prep. Or opt for the Thai Chicken Wrap with jasmine rice, napa slaw and spicy peanut sauce. Order a wrap now.

These healthy restaurant delivery meals in the Twin Cities are sure to taste great and make you feel great. Enjoy!

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