Top 10 Comfort Foods to Warm You Up This Fall

What to order when it’s chilly outside

We all have favorite seasonal foods. Summertime calls for grilling and fresh fruit. And fall and winter bring on hot casseroles, cheesy entrees and anything roasted. If you don’t feel like cooking, but want to indulge in your favorite cool-weather dishes, we have the list for you. And bonus: you don’t have to venture out into the cold, either.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts for delivery

Brussels sprouts—those adorable green veggies that resemble mini cabbages—have made  a comeback! No longer thought of as an “icky vegetable,” they are now found on menus across the country. They’re even better when roasted in balsamic vinegar and honey! Earthy, tangy and sweet with a hint of bitterness, these are not your mama’s Brussels.

Apple Pie

One of the greatest things about fall is venturing to the orchards to go apple picking and then baking apple pie (if you’re super ambitious). If not, just order a slice for delivery and feel all those warm and fuzzies that nothing but a warm piece of pie can conjure. With flavors of tart apples, sweet cinnamon and sugar in a golden, buttery crust, you might want to get more than one slice.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Cheesy entrees have landed on this list of fall foods several times, and with good reason! All melty and heart-warming, a classic grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup is the ultimate throwback to childhood… that everyone still loves as adults. It can be simple or it can be gourmet; the sky’s the limit with a grilled cheese.

Bread Pudding

Carbs, carbs, carbs! People love bread, and turning it into a rich, sticky dessert is just one more way to enjoy it. Made with chunks of bread, cream and butter, it offers a lot of room for variation. You can find it in all kinds of flavors, from chocolate strawberry to pumpkin spice, maple rum raisin to gingerbread eggnog!

Squash Ravioli

Boasting one of the season’s most favorited vegetables, butternut squash ravioli is the epitome of fall. It’s warm, creamy, earthy and when served in a brown butter sage sauce, offers a sweet decadence. It’s one of those sacred menu items that only comes out once a year, so you better jump on it while you have the chance.


Chili and chilly (and fall and football) go hand-in-hand. It can really suit every palate, too. You can make chili with several types of beans or bean-free, beef or chicken, loaded with veggies like sweet potatoes or just a bunch of cheese and sour cream. This cool weather staple is here to stay.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a year-round indulgence, but just feels so comforting on a breezy fall day. With a variety of cheeses to choose from (cheddar, Gruyere, Monterey Jack, Provolone, goat cheese and Parmesan are all good choices), the deliciousness of an ooey-gooey mac and cheese is really up to the chef. Although we’ve never met a bowl of man ‘n cheese we didn’t like.

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Comfort foods for fall

Nothing says mom’s home cooking like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Except for when it’s actually delivery! When you’re in the mood for good ol’ meat and potatoes, nothing quite hits the spot like this fall-time favorite. Add a fresh veggie, and you have a wholesome dinner idea.


Pulled Pork Poutine for delivery from Bite Squad

Poutine originated in Canada and has been making its way across the northern United States—a trend that’s sure to trickle to the rest of the country soon. It’s definitely the most creative dish on this list. So what is poutine? Its french fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy. But as you can tell, it can come in many different forms. The one shown is loaded with pulled pork and barbecue sauce. Yum!

Chicken Pot Pie

Pot pie is one of those meals that is just easier to order than make for yourself. Meat, carrots, peas and gravy topped with a flaky crust, a potpie is a rich and savory meal that everyone in the family will gobble up. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to get kids to eat their peas and carrots.

What would you add to the list?