The Best Vegan Sandwiches from The Herbivorous Butcher

Healthy and ethical – any “wich” way you like it

When most people think of a sandwich, they think of meat tucked between two slices of bread – or some variation of that. But we know that there are so many delicious ways to eat a sandwich that don’t include beef, poultry or pork – or any animal products at all.

We decided to craft a few different meatless sandwiches by partnering with The Herbivorous Butcher, a Minneapolis-based vegan butcher and deli dedicated to bringing its customers environmentally-friendly, locally-sourced, all-natural meat alternatives. Because a meatless sandwich doesn’t strictly mean veggies and bread!

The Herbivorous Butcher actually makes small-batch, from-scratch meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses that are fresh, flavorful and protein-rich. We’ve layered these delicious products with bright veggies, vegan mayo and bread to show you how to build your own delicious vegan ‘wiches at home!

6 Ways to build your own vegan sandwich

Herbivorous Butcher vegan sandwich

  1. Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo
  2. Turkey, onion and lettuce
  3. Bacon and garlic pepper Havarti cheese
  4. Bacon, turkey, lettuce and mayo
  5. Turkey, bacon and tomato
  6. Turkey, avocado and mayo

Products you can buy from The Herbivorous Butcher
(Only meats and cheeses are available for delivery; the rest you can buy at the deli.)

  • Vegan bread
  • Deli turkey
  • Hickory bacon
  • Garlic pepper Havarti cheese
  • Vegan mayo

Ingredients from your kitchen

  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Purple onion
  • Lettuce

The Best Vegan Sandwich!

If you’re not looking to prep your own meal, Bite Squad also delivers The Herbivorous Butcher’s huge and tasty pre-made sandwiches, like this delicious Italian Cold Cut that we’ve dubbed “The Best Vegan Sandwich!” Boasting layers of vegan pastrami, capicola ham, pepperoni and mozzarella topped with mayo, onion, lettuce, sweet pepper relish, seasonings and oil & vinegar, it’s flavor-packed and ready to nosh!

Get your vegan sandwich from Bite Squad.