Put Your Feet Up on Labor Day and Order In

Don’t labor, order delivery

Labor Day lands on the first Monday of every September and is celebrated to honor the achievements of American workers. The lucky ones are granted the day off of work and given a three-day weekend to rest. Whether or not that’s you, you still deserve a break! Today, don’t cook. Instead, order Bite Squad restaurant delivery!

From grilled grub to fancy feasts, there’s a dish for every craving when you order Bite Squad.

Grilled Dishes

Street Corn from Bite Squad

A lot of people think of Labor Day weekend as the perfect time to host a cookout, or at least to pull out the grill and cook some barbecue. If that sounds good to you, but the effort doesn’t, simply order some grilled goods from Bite Squad. From hotdogs to burgers and even veggies, check out what you can find for delivery near you! Just because you don’t own a grill, doesn’t mean you can’t join the rest of America this holiday weekend.


Snickers Ice Cream Pie

We’ve all been there. Watching TV, wishing we had something sweet to snack on and thinking, “if only I could order ice cream for delivery.” Well, guess what? You can totally order your favorite local desserts for delivery from Bite Squad! If you’re within a delivery zone, you can surely find a dessert menu near you. What sounds good?

Fine Dining

You can order lamb from Bite Squad

Just because it’s delivery, doesn’t mean it has to be cheap or unhealthy. You can find five-star restaurant fare on Bite Squad, serving up dishes like seafood, steaks, ribs and chops. And on a holiday weekend, it’s nice to treat yourself to something a little more extravagant. And don’t forget to plate it – might be a little awkward eating rosemary braised lamb shanks from a box.

Healthy Meals

Cobb Salad for delivery from Bite Squad

Another misconception is that food delivery means greasy or cheesy meals. That’s not true at all.  With Bite Squad, you can order tons of healthy dishes – salads, bowls, soups, wraps, fresh veggies, whatever you wish! Simply filter by “Healthy Foods” to narrow down restaurant offerings  that’ll make you feel – and look – good.

Party Fare

You can get buffalo chicken dip delivered

If you’re spending the weekend with friends, then some party food is in order! And whatever “party food” means to you, Bite Squad delivers! Pizza, fries, wings, dips, finger foods – you name it! So feed your family, or feed a crowd. We’ll do all the dirty work.

No matter what you’re doing, who you’re with or where you are this weekend, call Bite Squad and we’ll deliver!

How will you relax this weekend?