Bite Squad Loses Mitch Leidner to Vikings, Scrambles to Replace Him

Mitch Leidner goes from delivering meals to delivering passes

Bite Squad has suffered a loss this week as star delivery driver Mitch Leidner gets a new opportunity with the Minnesota Vikings. On August 20, the Vikings signed the former Minnesota Gopher quarterback after their third-string quarterback suffered an injury.

“Mitch had a 100 percent completion rating at Bite Squad,” said Max Runke, Bite Squad’s director of operations. “He always beat the dinner rush. He will be hard to replace.”

It was a tough break for us at Bite Squad – we now need to find at least 100 delivery drivers in the Twin Cities to fill in for Leidner and his speed and arm strength.

“I hate to let [Bite Squad] down,” said Leidner. “But it’s good to have an opportunity out here [with the Vikings].”

Leidner isn’t the only Vikings player in Bite Squad uniform in recent weeks. Andrew Sendejo, strong safety for the Vikings, suited up in Bite Squad gear just one week ago, proclaiming himself Bite Squad’s #1 customer.

Bite Squad customers who have been on the receiving end of Leidner’s deliveries can consider themselves lucky. He most likely won’t be showing up on people’s doorsteps with food anytime soon.

However, Bite Squad does plan on training a new team of “Leidners” who will have the same dedication to service, delivering to the right people at the right time with acute accuracy.

“Mitch was always setting up his next delivery,” said Runke. “He never lost focus of our game plan. We wish him continued success with the Vikings.”

For anyone interested in following in Leidner’s footsteps, Bite Squad is now in urgent need of delivery drivers in the Twin Cities and is encouraging people to apply at Bite Squad hires delivery drivers as paid employees, not contractors, and offers competitive rates, up to $25 per hour! 

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