Unbelievable Brat Toppings to Have the Best Wurst Day Ever

Can you top this?

German sausages typically made with pork, beef and veal, bratwursts are one of the most universal foods known to man. You can also find lighter versions made of chicken or turkey, for those of you worried about things like fat, cholesterol and calories. Brats can be grilled, smoked, boiled or sautéed—and yes, even delivered!

The most common brat toppings are ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, diced onions and relish. But with a brat, pretty much anything goes! Like with this recipe for a Cheesy Beer Brat with Fried Pickles, found over at Taste And See.

Brats with toppings
Photo courtesy of Taste And See.

Here are some more tasty toppings to turn your wurst into the best.

Mix & Match

  • Avocado
  • Fried egg
  • Potato chips
  • Ranch dressing
  • Cheese curds
  • Caramelized onions
  • Marinara sauce
  • Bacon bits

Perfect Pairs

  • Caramelized pears + gorgonzola
  • Buffalo sauce + blue cheese
  • Pulled pork + cole slaw
  • Pineapple  + BBQ or Teriyaki sauce
  • Cherry tomatoes + fresh mozzarella
  • Jalapeños + peaches
  • Mushrooms + Swiss cheese
  • Pepperoni + Parmesan
  • Sun-dried tomatoes + fresh basil
  • Grilled bell peppers + provolone
  • Broccoli + cheese sauce
  • Egg salad + paprika
  • Shrimp + cocktail sauce

Theme It

  • Greek – Tzatziki, cucumbers, kalamata olives and feta
  • Sweet & sour – Sweet & sour sauce, onions, peppers and pineapple
  • Mexican – Taco beef, cheddar and your fave taco toppings
  • Reuben – Corned beef, kraut and Russian dressing
  • Caesar – Romaine and Caesar dressing (croutons optional)
  • French onion – caramelized onion and melted Gruyère

Made to Order

Here’s what’s pictured, all available from Peppers & Fries in Minneapolis. Check out what you can find for delivery near you!

  • Elote – Roasted corn salsa, sour cream, queso fresco and chili powder
  • Midwest– Chili, onions and shredded cheddar
  • Mac Daddy – House-made mac and cheese blended with pico de gallo
  • My Thai – Pepper’s Asian garlic sauce, Sriracha coleslaw, cilantro and fresh jalapeños 
  • MemphisBacon, BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw
  • Tex-Mex -Pico de gallo, guacamole, cheddar and corn tortilla strips

 Find the ultimate wurst near you.