The Great Debate: What Do You Consider a Sandwich?

August is National Sandwich Month!

Because sandwiches are one of the best foods to get delivered (they just travel so darn well!), we at Bite Squad decided to celebrate in style – by eating a variety of tasty sandwiches, of course!

But then we got to thinking…

What exactly is considered a sandwich? Turns out, that depends on where you live. Some say it’s only a sandwich if it has bread (not a tortilla or crepe or pita). While others argue any carb will do, so long as you eat it with your hands.

Needless to say, the lines are definitely blurred. For example, what about hotdogs? Buns are bread, are they not? That also includes burgers and while we’re at it, Sloppy Joes.

And then that takes us to the notorious tuna melt. Traditionally, they’re served open-faced. In which case, the fillings aren’t sandwiched now are they? And therefore, you need a fork to eat one. That doesn’t really qualify as a sandwich, right?

Or, who has ever eaten The Double Down from Kentucky Fried Chicken? They call it “a sandwich formed by two pieces of fried chicken rather than a bread roll.” That’s just pure gluttony right there. But we kinda love it…

So, help us settle the debate!

You want to eat a sandwich now, don’t you?