10 Tips to Make Going Back to School Easier

Back-to-School Hacks

I’m not sure if going back to school is harder on the kids or adults, but there has to be an easier way to ease back into it. With a little discipline (on everyone’s part), adjusting to a stricter schedule can be tolerable.

With these 10 lifesaving tips, you and your kids can actually enjoy getting into the swing of things!

Get kids into routine weeks ahead of time

Summertime is for playing outside until dark, backyard bonfires, staying up way past bedtime and reveling in the luxury of sleeping in.

But all that happiness is squashed by the reality of going back to school. Don’t do it cold turkey, or you’ll have some tired, moody kids.

Instead – starting about three weeks before the first day of school – move their bedtime up by 15-20 minute increments for a week at a time. By the time school rolls back around, they’ll be in bed by 8 p.m. and not even know it happened.

Eat convenience breakfasts

I get it – parents live in a culture today where they are made to feel guilty about everything.

But convenience breakfasts should not be one of those things. There is nothing wrong with frozen waffles, instant oatmeal, toast, English muffins, bagels or cereal. Slap on some fresh fruit for vitamins and peanut butter for protein and you’re good to go!

Order delivery for dinner

Obviously, dinner delivery isn’t possible every night of the week. But on those evenings when you’re running late, have projects and homework to finish, and are in no mood to slave over a hot stove, there’s no shame in ordering Bite Squad. In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

From salads to wraps, vegan to organic, fresh fruits to grilled veggies, there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. You can even filter by restaurants that offer children’s menus! Every family member will be happy.

Plan a homework routine

Ah, homework… the frustration, tantrums and tears – and that’s just the parents. In order to make doing homework less of a battlefield, set aside 30-60 minutes at the same time every night to tackle it. Whether that be right after school or after dinner will depend on your child’s needs.

Download handy apps

We’re all tied to our phones these days. That can be a bad thing. Or you can make it a positive and useful tool for your life. There are so many apps that can help you organize and simplify.

  • Coupon Sherpa – Discount apps like Coupon Sherpa or Retail Me Not can help reduce the cost of school supplies and clothing.
  • Reminders – Never forget a school lunch or soccer practice again.
  • Bite Squad – When you’re on the go, but the family needs to be fed, the Bite Squad app delivers!
  • Planner Pro – With sports, after-school activities, field trips, volunteering, play dates and birthday parties, it’s no wonder we forget things (also, see tip below)! Use a planner to keep every event on you at all times.

Don’t commit to so many activities

Let each kid pick one sport or activity per season. Talk through their interests and let them decide if they’d like theater or baseball, karate or ballet, science club or piano. You get the gist.

Plus, have you ever heard the saying, “It’s better to do one thing well than ten things poorly?” That applies here, too.

Prep the night before

There’s no doubt about it. Mornings are hectic.

To tame the crazy, prep what you can the night before and make your kids help too, if they’re old enough. Pack lunches, fill backpacks, pick out tomorrow’s clothes for the family (including the shoes!), and even prep your coffee with a timer so it’s brewed when you wake up.

Write notes of encouragement

If your kids have anxiety about going back to school – or even if they don’t – leave notes of inspiration in their lunches to help get them through the school day. A sweet treat wouldn’t hurt either.

Create a chore chart

Create a chore chart for yourself, your partner and your kids. You can use a whiteboard or chalkboard, or even use free printables and a reward system to get the fam to pitch in.

Make kids use an alarm clock

Whether your kid is in preschool or high school, they are capable of waking up with an alarm clock. Save yourself the strife of dragging the kiddos out of bed, and set an alarm clock for them. No child of any age would stay in bed with the irritating ring of an alarm clock.

Make life easier.

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