The Evolution of Mother’s Day Gifts

Mom deserves the best gift ever.

Growing up, you always got away with giving your family members subpar gifts. But when it came to Mom, you pulled through.

Whether it was a homemade card, a craft you made in art class or a thoughtful coupon book, Mom was always happy with whatever you gave her. However, as you grew older, you knew darn well that your mom was not interested in getting a homemade Mother’s Day card from her 34-year-old son.

Here lies the evolution of Mother’s Day gifts:

Arts & Crafts

You sat in art class elbow-deep in pasta and beads: the beginning of the macaroni necklace, a staple accessory to any mom’s wardrobe. She loved the necklace so much that you surprised her next year with a macaroni bracelet. Now that’s an outfit.

Scented Things

As you entered middle school, you had a small allowance and felt moderately independent. So you convinced your older sibling to drive you to the mall. Thus, the gift stage of “something scented” was born. Whether it was the newest Yankee candle or the most floral scented perfume at Bath & Body works, you knew your mom would love it. She still lights that Cinnamon Vanilla scented candle whenever you visit.


With your high school posse, you ventured to the local mart where you purchased a box of gourmet chocolates. Enter the chocolate phase. Unwrapped and still in the plastic bag, you hoped to a higher power that your mom liked dark chocolate with sea salt.

The Robe

Embarking on your junior year of college, broke and an insomniac, you tag teamed with your siblings and Dad. Here lies that timeless gift: the robe. While it may have been on sale at Target, your mom loves it and still wears it to this day.

Bite Squad Gift Card

You graduated college, you have a paying job, and you’re out there in the real world. This is when you start to feel like you should finally give your mom something worthwhile. Something an adult would give. Something thoughtful. Cue the birth of the Bite Squad gift card.

Let’s be real: Your mom spent 18+ years of her life giving to you. The LEAST you could do is send her a gift card so she can order herself some delicious food and not have to worry about clean-up.