The Definitive Guide to Tipping Your Delivery Driver

How much should you tip the Bite Squad delivery driver?

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of the biggest heroes in our communities are the brave men and women out there fighting traffic, battling difficult parking situations and braving the elements to make sure your food gets to you in perfect condition. Those heroes are delivery drivers! And everyone should make sure they get shown the gratitude they deserve. So here is a quick rundown of the most important things to consider when tipping your Bite Squad driver. Because yes—tipping is greatly appreciated!

What’s the standard tip for food delivery?

Much like dining out, the standard tip for good service is 20% of your total bill or $5, whichever is more. Rounding up to the next whole dollar is always a nice rule of thumb. If you’re ordering an especially large order that will require extra trips or tests of strength by the driver, rounding up an extra 3% to 5% is always a best practice.

What should I tip a delivery driver in bad weather?

Leaving the house in the rain or a snowstorm is a pain. No one wants to do it, and it’s times like these we should show some extra appreciation to our men or women in green.

Not only is traffic and parking worse in a storm, but it’s also a very busy day for food delivery—and those drivers get cold and wet so you don’t have to. Show them a little extra love if they have a good attitude about it!

Should I tip extra for hotel or apartment deliveries?

A delivery driver who navigates mazes of hallways and lugs food up stairs is a true test of dedication. If you want your food delivered right to your door instead of meeting the delivery driver in the lobby, it never hurts to throw a little extra on top, but of course it’s not required.

Do drivers keep Bite Squad’s booking fees?

Neither booking fees nor service fees are tips, and Bite Squad drivers do not keep any part of the booking fee or service fee. Just change “Service” to “Tip” to reward your delivery driver for their friendly service!

So now that you know, don’t be intimidated!