How to Cure a Turkey Hangover

Are you stuffed like a turkey?

If you’re like anyone who works for Bite Squad, you overdid it on the turkey yesterday and regret it today. Turkey hangovers are legit and the struggle is real.

No, it’s not the tryptophan doing it (that’s a myth). It’s plain old over-indulgence and your body trying to recover from it. We have the cure to a post-Thanksgiving turkey hangover for you in 3 easy steps.

Stay Hydrated

Your body is doing a lot of work today (digesting pumpkin pie, metabolizing sweet potatoes…). Water is essential to keeping you going today.

Eat Some Fruit

You need vitamins and antioxidants that most fruits provide today. And no, leftover cranberry sauce does not count as a fruit. Fruit will help replenish your reserves and get you over that bloated feeling in no time.

Eat three regular meals

It’s tempting to skip over a meal today because you still feel full. But stable blood-sugar levels will serve you well.

But if after slaving away to prepare the holiday feast you find yourself uninspired to get back in the kitchen, don’t worry. Bite Squad got your back on that.